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Deliverability Week 2024

deliverability week

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Why deliverability week?

It’s Deliverability Week 2024 (June-17 – June-21) and a bunch of us deliverability people will share our stories, explaining why deliverability matters to us, provide a lot of useful content on email deliverability.

Deliverability is important to us. Through deliverability week, we want you to convince you and others about its importance.

Why deliverability is important to me (Sella Yoffe)

After pivoting from many years of working in data quality, I discovered the world of email deliverability. When clients asked me ten years ago if I could validate their email addresses, not just their phone numbers and mailing addresses, that’s how I “fell into email”. In 2019, I started the blog – a blog and a podcast, and it’s now the leading information source in Hebrew on the topic of email deliverability and email marketing. On January 24th, I started EmailGeeks.Show, a monthly podcast featuring leading email deliverability and email marketing experts.

Meet my fellow contributors to the deliverability week:

Al Iverson,

Matthew Vernhout, EmailKarma

Laura Atkins and Steve Atkins, Word to the Wise and the creators of my favorite email testing tool:

Richello Killian, InboxJam

Mickey Chandler, Spamtacular

Lauren Meyer, Socketlabs and Send-it-right

Jennifer Nespola Lantz, Kickbox and isktb

Travis Hazlewood, Ortto

Vytis Marciulionis, Emarsys

Brad Gurley, DeliveryCounts

Hassan Bellinger, ActiveCampaign

Rob Schneider, Iterable

Udeme Ukutt, Amazon

Zachary Aab, Healthlink Dimensions

Sella Yoffe (that’s me), CRM.BUZZ | EmailGeeks.Show 

deliverability week 2024

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Sella Yoffe
CEO , 

Email Deliverability & Email Marketing Expert 

working with global email senders, startups, and ESPs to improve their deliverability and email authentication

Podcast host & Blogger @ CRM.BUZZ & EmailGeeks.Show

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