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You've reached CRM.BUZZ blog and podcast on email marketing, email offenses, marketing and data that provides marketers and data professionals with up-to-date professional knowledge and practical advice to help them in business operations

You have reached the most comprehensive and up-to-date blog in Hebrew on email marketing and email offenses, which includes dozens of articles on email marketing for beginners and advanced and covers the field professionally.

Email marketing is a long-standing channel, but perhaps precisely because email is the first digital media it does not receive the attention and professionalism it deserves.

You can find here dozens of professional and detailed articles on email marketing, email deliverability, email system review, marketing automation, content marketing, email marketing for e-commerce, email marketing tips and more.

Every week I publish a new article and at the same time I update previous articles so that the blog continues to be an up-to-date source of knowledge.

The blog was founded by Sela Yaffe, who has been engaged since 1991 in the field of database marketing (a field now called data driven marketing), direct mail and email marketing.

Frequency of publications

  • Every Monday I publish an article.
  • Every Wednesday I post a podcast. Some of the podcasts are conversations with interviewees and some are recorded versions of selected articles.
  • Every Friday I send a weekly newsletter toour mailing list.
  • At the beginning of each month I send out a monthly newsletter.

You can contact me with questions, requests, suggestions and any subject through the contact form, by emailand by phone at 073-2203020

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